Full Story From Resident Evil 4

Saddler, Salazar, Mendez
Saddler, Salazar, Mendez

The beginning of the story in the 18th century, an island in Spain there is a religion or belief called 'Los Illuminados' which is close to violence and murders committed in a heinous and strange. Los Illuminados find the unique parasite, which is infected with this parasite that makes it resistant to pain and grows stronger, but can be controlled by people with other, more powerful parasites. This parasite is finally used Los Illuminados to recruit new members, and renamed it as 'El Plagas', not until there they also make Prasait as a god. Every new member who joins Los Illuminados performs a soul-giving ritual, by planting El Plagas eggs into their bodies. Until People from the castle are fighting this doctrine, massacred Los Illuminados and buried all the bodies of the Los Illuminados with El Plagas in a deep underground mine in the castle.

Time passes and the teachings of Los Illuminados are still running today, the current Los Illuminados Leader is Osmund Saddler. And Ramon Salazar is the present owner of the castle, Salazar a small adult male, and is the 8th generation of the castle family, his family who had died when he was a child and lived in the castle with the waiter makes Salazar become less understood about El Plagas and History Los Illuminados. Saddler came to Salazar saying that the massacre committed by his family to the Los Illuminados group in the 18th century was a great sin, Saddler asked him to reopen the mine to atone for the sins of his ancestors, but Salazar refused.

Bitores Mendez (nicknamed The Big Chesee) is a village head of El Pueblo who lives happily with El Pueblo residents. As the elected village chief, Mendez promises to create a quieter and better village. Working conditions improved, and the village prospered. Mendez made an increase in agricultural capacity with extra produce, and he was able to build his own home, which he inhabited with some of El Pueblo's citizens.

Shortly after Mendez became village chief, he was friends with Osmund Saddler. Saddler knows that Mendez is the most trusted friend of Ramon Salazar. Saddler persuades Mendez to talk to Salazar about the mining of Las Plagas, which is under his castle. Saddler explained to Mendez that mining would bring great benefits to the village, and would put many farmers to work in the winter, because El Plagas makes one's body stronger and physically resistant. Mendez succeeded in convincing Salazar, and using Saddler's suggestion to instill a sense of guilt within Salazar for the warfare perpetrated by his ancestors against the Los Illuminados. Saddler promised Mendez to pay the people of El Pueblo with a high wage for the job. But unfortunately it did not happen.

After weeks of mining, villagers and other miners finally reached the space containing El Plagas. They found a space containing many samples from the underground cave of Salazar castle. Not long after that, mining began to have a devastating effect on the villagers. Many villagers became wild and animalistic due to El Plagas parasite exposure, and quickly, the whole village was infected with parasites and went crazy. Outraged, Mendez instructed Saddler to immediately end the project, but met with extreme hostility. Meanwhile, Salazar, who himself became infected, blames Mendez for having convinced him to open a sample mining El Plagas. In the meeting before they realize that it will disappear, Salazar is so angry and openly attack Mendez with the sword, prying his left eye out. Mendez eye sockets are finally equipped with custom red eye glasses. Meanwhile, Mendez attacks Salazar until Salazar dies. After their fights over the dangerous effects of the Plagas, Saddler secretly injects El Plagas into Salazar and Mendez's body, taking over both and brainwashing them. Salazar came back to life, the parasite made Salazar's body heal with incredible speed. But even after his body is under the control of El Plagas, Salazar will never forgive Mendez, and fight with Mendez at every opportunity.

In Saddler's body there is a unique parasite, called Dominan Plagas (some articles call it Master El Plagas). Saddler understands that El Plagas still has weaknesses that need to be fixed, he also recruits a researcher and meets with Luis Sera. Luis Sera who is also a resident of El Pueblo who had just returned from his studies at Mexiko was pursuing a great research career, he was attracted to El Plagas, and found that his village was under the influence of Osmund Saddler, Luis worked on by Saddler as a researcher, experimenting with the creatures El Plagas to improve the effectiveness of El Plagas, especially control over people who have been infected. But Luis finally chose a betrayal after knowing Saddler's rotten intentions to dominate the world in a dirty way, Luis stealing El Plagas sample for third party Albert Wesker, who is also a researcher of the Umbrella Corporation's organization of US government enemies. Luis meets Ada Wong sent by Wesker as a liaison. But eventually Saddler caught and tied Luis and locked him in a closet for the next one to be executed dead.

Albert Wesker not only sent Ada Wong but also sent Jack Krauser who was assigned to steal Dominan Plagas, Krauser a former member of USSOCOM, an anti-virus organization from America. Krauser was told to work with Saddler by giving Saddler a plan to kidnap Princess United States President Ashley Graham and infiltrate America, and by bringing Ashley to Saddler, Krauser made it easy to enter Saddler's lair, he managed to infiltrate and steal Dominan Plagas, To inject Dominant Plagas into his own body, this makes him have strength and reflex above normal, but it also makes his previously defective left arm can turn into a giant knife.

After the kidnapping incident of the President's Daughter, a former USSOCOM who had previously been a partner with Jack Krauser named Leon Scott Kennedy was sent by the American government to investigate his own village El Pueblo with 2 Spanish police, when there strange things happened, he was attacked by Pueblo And the two policemen were killed after a truck accidentally hit his car. Leon was informed by his team named Ingrid Hunningan outside the village, via a Video Call conversation that there was a group called 'Los Illuminados' led by Osmund Saddler who used parasites to seize the village of El Pueblo.

In the village of Leon find Luis Sera who was held in a closet, where he was approached by Bitores Mendez who had been under the influence of Saddler. In the fight against Mendez, Leon gets a loud thump that made him faint, this was made a chance by Saddler to infect El Plagas into Leon's body. Shortly after that, Leon wakes up and finds himself in a locket with Luis in a different place than before, and finally Leon is separated from Luis after they are attacked by a villager.

Leon goes down the village to find Mendez's house, Leon enters but there he meets Mendez and fights with him, but Mendez thinks he is the host who has to salute his guest. Mendez says he can look good but warns Leon he will kill him in another place and time, then Mendez goes into his room. Leon chases after him and goes into Mendez's room, again he is beaten by Mendez, From the window seen Ada Wong shoots Mendez, Mendez out chases Ada Wong and leaves Leon. This opportunity used Leon to search for Ashley at Mendez's house, but he did not find it. While Ada Wong was caught and held in a place not far from the village of El Pueblo used for the Los Illuminados spiritual event to chop off the victim's head, and Mendez made Ada Wong a sacrifice, but Ada Wong managed to escape.

Mendez told his followers to hunt down Leon, Ada, and Luis, but Luis made it a top priority. After Leon was able to pass the traps of El Pueblo residents, like throwing a giant rock that rolled after him or confronted with Plaga's mummies like El Gigante and Del Lago, Finally Leon found Ashley locked up in a Church. In the Church he also met Osmund Saddler, where Saddler had a conversation with Leon that Ashley and Leon had planted El Plagas and explained his intention to rule America. Before being captured, Leon and Ashley escaped by jumping out of the Church window, and being chased by El Pueblo residents, they had met Luis and fought against the villagers, after which Luis said that he had other affairs and left them both.

Mendez, who had seen Leon through a series of traps, decided to face it himself, he told El Pueblo residents to drive Leon to the slaughterhouse, which El Pueblo people use to cut animals. In the animal slaughter, Mendez also collapsed in the hands of Leon, and the entire citizen of El Pueblo hunt Lion. The Lion escape from El Pueblo residents leads to Salazar castle, and closes access for El Pueblo residents who chase after him by closing the castle bridge. Outside the castle castle, Leon had a chance to meet with Luis who had taken the medication to muffle the side effects of EL Plagas and the sample, but Luis was unaware of dropping them, Luis returned to pick them up and told Ashley to stay with Leon.

At Leon's and Ashley's palace meeting Ramon Salazar, Salazar explains that Ashley will be like other El Pueblo residents, which Saddler can take advantage of. Ashley ran, unconsciously stuck and set her apart with Leon. In the search of Ashley, Leon meets Ada Wong who once was a partner in the 1998 Racoon City incident, a short fight took place, Leon accuses him of treason for working with Wesker enemies of the US government, There is no explanation whatsoever about it, just greet and leave Leon. While Luis has found Drugs and Sample, but from behind Saddler stabs Luis with his tentacles up to his chest, and snatches the Sample that brought Luis, but leaves Drugs. Before he died Luis gave Drugs to Leon to press Plaga inside his body, Luis also said that he left his research note about El Plagas scattered throughout the palace, notes containing physical features about various types of Plaga and kelemahanya. Leon had found Ashley, but returned apart when Ashley was captured by Salazar's flying insect.

Wesker who begins to disbelieve in Ada Wong, sends another loyal agent Jack Krauser to accompany Ada Wong in a mission to steal Sample, Ada and Krauser do not trust each other, Krauser believes that Ada Wong is a threat to Wesker. There got an additional mission from Wesker, which was killing Leon, but Ada rejected it, the mission was finally done by Jack Krauser, Ada Wong is angry about it, intend to help Leon when Krauser will be killed. Elsewhere, Leon meets with Salazar and suggests that Ashley has been brought to the island for spiritual ceremonies and shows to his Leon Plaga, the fight against Salazar won by Leon as soon as he exits the palace, he meets Ada Wong who has brought the jetski to escort Leon to the island, but Ada leaves Leon with his own affairs.

In his search on the Island, Leon manages to find Ashley, but Saddler appears and with El Plagas embedded in Leon's body, Leon is unable to fight Saddler, while El Plagas on Ashley's body is perfect so Saddler can hypnotize and take him away and leave Leon. Jack Krauser, who had been sent to kill Leon, told Ada not to disturb him while performing the mission, Krauser said that Wesker had begun to disbelieve him and did not hesitate to kill him when interfering in his mission, Krauser started his action, this was the first time Leon met Krauser where previously reported that Krauser has died. During the fight Krauser explained that he had faked his death and searched for Wesker to treat his previously destroyed left arm, and now he works for Wesker and helps get the Dominant Plagas sample. The fight stopped after Krauser's knife shoot, and left each other behind.

Krauser meets Ada Wong and attempts to kill him but his action fails, he returns to the mission to kill Leon. Leon is trapped in a door to Ashley's captivity, in a fight for the lock of the door, Leon wins the duel and manages to find Ashley, but Saddler arrives, and they rush to Luis's research lab to kill Plaga inside him. With a free body from El Plagas, Leon manages to kill Saddler with Ada Wong's help and get out of the island that has been fitted by a bomb that will explode, Sample El Plagas was successfully brought by Ada Wong.