Windows Event Log Location

Windows Event Log Location. What is 'Windows Event Logs'? As i understand 'Windows Event Logs' is a report on a computer with Windows operating system. 'Event Logs' is intended to allow the user to see what activities are happening on this computer. Usually the activities recorded in 'Event Logs' relate to the scurity system. Recording on 'Event Logs' include Hardware, Software and Operating System activities.

Windows Event Logs Location
For user of Windows 7, 8 and 10 to opening 'Event Logs' is very easy:
1. Press the Win logo + R and type 'eventvwr.msc' and then click 'OK'. that will open 'Open Viewer' program.
Windows Event Log Location

2. On the left table, there are some menus, we select 'Windows Logs'.
Windows Event Log Location

3. Logs will open by their respective by log type. In Windows 8 there are additional types other than those describe above. The additional is 'Setup Log'.
Windows Event Log Location

Application Log
Application Log contain activity report of an application program installed on the computer. Example: when there is a problem in the Mozilla Firefox Browser, the computer will make report to the user recorded in the 'Event Logs' application. Application Log is determined by developer of the application.

Scurity Log
Recording on 'Scurity Log' is related to computer scurity so that when there is suspicious activity for example there ia a computer login error it will be recorded in this log. Anyway administrative-related activities like other intances of creating new users, deleting users, editing users will be written in the scurity log.

System Log
System Log contain event recorded by the Windwos Operating System. Suppose that when the driver is in trouble and fails to run at startup, or sudden internet connection breaks up will be recorded in system log that user can view their report in Windows Event Logs.

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