Windows 7 Checking For Updates Never Ends

Windows 7 Checking For Updates Never Ends. Although at the time of release of Windows 7 Operating System in stable condition but did not rule out there are dengerouse bugs. Therefore during development process, Microsoft Windows need a lot of feedback to find out the bug that remains in Windows 7.

To patch the vulnerability and error, in Windows 7 there is a feature of Windows Update. Windows Update chcks for updates giving by Microsoft to patch or loopholes in windows 7. Why is this important? Because ini additional to Microsoft Windows user around the world and many. Also the intensity of internet usege increase so as to allow to using of bug from parties who are not responsible for damaging the system.

But what happens if the updates feature on Windows 7 does not work properly. Here i will give some way to solve this problem. To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

Windows 7 Checking For Update Never Ends Remove Folder 'SoftwareDistribution'
1. Open 'Windows Service', click the Win Logo + R. type 'services.msc'.

2. In Service Window, locate to windows update. then right click and stop.

3. Go to the directory C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete all files and folders that exist in the directory.

4. Go back to windows service, and turn on Winodws Update service.

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