What Does A Computer Software Engineer Do

What Does A Computer Software Engineer Do
What Does A Computer Software Engineer Do. The Fundamental software engineering activities:
  1. Fundamental activities in software engineering Software Engineering 10
  2. Four fundamental activities that are part of all software development processes Specification, design and implementation, validation and evolution
  3. Specification – defining what the software should do Design and implementation – defining the software and data organization and implementing the system
  4. Validation – testing the system for bugs and to check it meets its requirements Evolution – changing the system after it has gone into use
  5. The four basic process activities of specification, development, validation and evolution are organized differently in different development processes.
  6. For example, in the waterfall model, they are organized in sequence, whereas in incremental development they are interleaved.
  7. The requirements engineering process Chapter 2 Software 730/10/2014
  8. Design a software architecture and identify the major system components Refine to add detail if required
  9. Implementation involves adding detail to the design and programming the system
  10. Design and implementation are closely related and are normally inter-leaved activities.
  11. A general model of the design process 1130/10/2014
  12. The software is implemented either by developing a program or programs or by configuring an application system.
  13. Programming is an individual activity with no standard process. Different people program in different ways
  14. Debugging is the activity of using testing to reveal program faults and then correcting these faults.
  15. Test-first development integrates testing/programming and debugging
  16. Verification and validation (V & V) is intended to show that a system meets its stated requirements (verification) and also meets the real needs of the system customer (validation).
  17. System testing involves executing the system with test cases that are derived from the specification of the real data to be processed by the system.
  18. As well as system testing, system validation may involve other reviews and automated program checking procedures
  19. Stages of testing 1930/10/2014
  20. Testing phases in a plan-driven software process (V-model) 2030/10/2014
  21. Software is inherently flexible and can change.
  22. As requirements change through changing business circumstances, the software that supports the business must also evolve and change.
  23. Although there has been a demarcation between development and evolution (maintenance) this is increasingly irrelevant as fewer and fewer systems are completely new
  24. System evolution 2430/10/2014
  25.  The first part of my book on software engineering focuses on these fundamental activities of software engineering.

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