Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network

Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network
Some days I'm in trouble with error messages "Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network". This message occurs when I want to create an email for my cousin on google.com. After registration and want to the next step, comes the error message "Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network" or "Unusual traffic from your computer network"

Why this error message message?
After I find out in various articles why these error messages appear some opinions conclude that Google detects the following activities:
  1. We have been identified to send searches from robots or computer programs or automated services, or search placers (Meta Searching)
  2. We have used the software to send searches to Google to increase our web page rank or see how websites or web pages rank in Google (for SEO purposes)

Actually if only the above error can be overcome by looking at CAPTCHA (word squiggly with box below), enter the word into the box. If successful, you will be able to use Google products again.

And if the problem is not caused by the above problem but caused by the Activities below:
  1. The existence of malware on your computer system (especially if you frequently download files free from the internet, most likely your computer is infected with malware). Then find How to remove the malware delete it.
  2. The existence of your antivirus conflicts eg Norton and A-Squared, Martin. Running two security products that provide the same function simultaneously can cause them to collide, resulting in random behavior problems. If you can not uninstall Anti Virus using Add / Remove Programs, you may need to boot the PC into Safe mode first.
  3. The error message you receive is probably caused by the Firefox browser add-on (although Google Toolbar is often wrongly blamed). In Firefox go to Tools, Add-ons and disable all entries. If all is well, restart your browser, allowing each add-on in turn to identify the culprit.
  4. There is a problem with your computer network (especially if you share your internet network with others like in the cafe, office, or school). Problems with your modem or WiFi router. (If you are using a personal computer / do not have a Network Admin, you can reset / reset your modem or router).
  5. If you are using a public internet network like in the cafe, school, or office where you work. You can do the following: Check if your computer has malware. Contact your Network Admin. Check if any of the same network users are causing the network to send automated traffic to Google (like doing SEO activities).

What can I do if I follow the steps above and still get the error message?
  1. Report the problem to productforums.google.com. Which will be followed up if further information is needed or if it has something to report back. You can choose one way to check your IP address here. Reply to this post with the following information.
  2. It looks like the problem is with your internet service provider. Some internet service providers provide IP addresses to users when they are connected to the internet at random from a set of IP ranges that are not being used by anyone. (The term is called dynamic IP). It is likely that the current IP address of the operator has been automatically blocked by Google from the previous user. If it turns out this is causing the problem, you can try to disconnect and connect again and then try to access Google, if after many trials and still can not, please switch to another carrier or try calling the call center from the operator. You can find out your public IP address through this site: http://www.whatismyip.com/

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