Remote Administration Tools Windows 7

Remote Administration Tools Windows 7. In the last two weeks I had the opportunity to practice creating Mail Server and Domain Controller with Samba, both of which I applied using the CentOS operating system. Not bad enough to add knowledge for me who is still not familiar with Linux.

This time I will not explain the process of creating both servers, but how to install Remote Administration Tools in Windows 7, where RSAT is an application that we can use to perform the management of the role and features of Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2003, in this case I use RSAT for Domain Controller management with Samba.

1. Remote Administration Tools Windows 7 can be downloaded below for x64 and x86

2. When we have finished downloading and installing it. We can configure RSAT by going to Control Panel >> Programs and Features.

3. Then click the feature "Turn Windows features on or off". Then Windows Windows Features dialog will be active. Then we just choose Roles and Features RSA Tools that we want to activate.
Remote Administration Tools Windows 7

4. If you have selected any role or feature that will be on the remote. Then click OK, Next on start menu there will be 'Administrative Tools' that have been installed before
Remote Administration Tools Windows 7

For my practical use of Domain Controller with Samba, I use Active Directory Users and Computer and Group Policy Management Tools, hope it helps.

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