Recover Deleted Files Windows 8

Recover Deleted Files Windows 8
Recover Deleted Files Windows 8. How to restore Deleted Files on Windows. I'v ever deleted a files that i think is no longer needed. But after a few days the files is still needed again. Finaly the file is permanently lost because in the recycle bin i also have cleaned it all up, so i'm not sure the files tha have been deleted from the recycle bin can be restored again.

But after searching hoe to restore deleted files on the laptop Windows finally the files i have deleted can be restored to the original place without corrupt. Well, for my friend who experienced problems like this then do not need to worry because there are many ways that we can use.

Recover Deleted Files Windows 8 With Recuva
This software i have installed and running normaly on version of windows 7, 8, 10. This software fuction is to restore files that have been deleted permanently. All files can be returned include: images, Videos, Music, Document and much more. Okey go ahead.
  1. Please Download free revuca software at After that instal the software.
  2. Once installed, then Open it.
  3. The first dialog will apear 'Welcome to the recuva wozard', then just click next.
  4. Here you specify the file type you want returned. Example: if you want to return image then choose picture, and click next.
  5. If you know where the drive saved the lost files then you should click on 'In a specific loacation' to make the search process faster. If you do not know / forget where the previously deleted files, just select 'i'm not sure' then click Next.
  6. Check on 'enable deep scan', So that the scanning process more accurate and files can be found and restored.

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