RDP Client Windows 7

Rdp Client Windows 7. Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) is a Windows feature that allows us to access the desktop computer remotely from another computer. You can do keyboard input, mouse click, run app, reboot and so on from other computer even though different location and network. This feature is available in Windows XP or above. With Remote Desktop Connection, we can remotely archive our computers without having to install other applications. Remote Desktop Connection uses the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) protocol that communicates via TCP port 3389. In order for our computers to be remotely with Remote Desktop Connection, we have to enable Remote Desktop feature on the computer to be remotely. Here is How to Enable Remote Desktop Connection in Windows.

RDP Client Windows 7 Configuration
1. First of all, enabling the remote desktop on the computer that you want to access, by opening Windows Explorer, or by using a keyboard combination (Logo Win + E).
2. Next, Right Click on "Computer" and select "Properties". If you do not understand you can see the picture below:
Turn On Remote Desktop Windows 7

3. Next you Click 'Remote' Tab. Then in the 'Remote Desktop' section. Make sure the "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" option is checked. Next Click Apply then Click OK
Turn On Remote Desktop Windows 7

4. The settings listed in the image above apply to all computers or laptops that will be remote as both host and client. If you want to remotely (host / client) you must know hostname / ip computer and user name the computer (Local). And the computer or laptop client must be given a password.

5. If you've done the above, now it's time to remote desktop. Open the Start menu > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection. Or by opening Run (Win+R), then you type the command "mstsc" and it will look like picture below:
Turn On Remote Desktop Windows 7

6. In the picture above you should fill in the ip address of your computer that will be remote (client), username and password. Example "PUSINTEKPC2-36" which is the hostname and "pusintek" is the username of the client computer that will be on the remote. If you have the settings right then you click Connect.
7. Finish.

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