Monitor Network Traffic Windows

Monitor Network Traffic Windows. There is a network monitoring feature on the Windows 10 operating system that we can use to monitor network traffic, this is because for all applications that require network connectivity in Windows 10 already includes a network data monitoring program.

There are two ways I know to monitor the use of network data in Windows 10, we will discuss both ways. Immediately we do a way to monitor the use of network data.

First, we can see in the task manager. To access the task manager can be two ways:

Right click > Task manager
Or press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
Once open the task manager, go directly to the App History tab.

In App History, there will be two columns associated with the use of network data, namely Network and Metered Network. Metered Network is a feature that has been introduced in Windows 8.1 serves to help manage the use of restricted data.

You can use the Network Setting feature if you want to get a better picture of the data usage on your computer. Go to 'Settings'> 'Network & Internet', select the topmost item on the side panel of "Data Useage".
Monitor Network Traffic Windows

In the last 30 days Here you can see an overview of connectivity data information data. The circular graph describes the use of data from different connections (In the picture above only uses one connection only).

You can see deeper and more detailed picture by clicking the small link below the chart, click 'Useage Details'.
Monitor Network Traffic Windows

Network data used by applications, such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. we can see the use of data.

That's how to Monitor Network Traffic Windows. Hope this article useful for everything.

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