Migrate Windows 7 To SSD

When you have an SSD, sometimes there is a desire to move the System OS from the HDD to the SSD. I will create a tutorial on how to migrate oprasi system from HDD to SSD. To do this you need help cloning OS software.

Lots of software for cloning OS, if the free one is Easeus Todo Backup Free or there is also MiniTool Partition Wizard, the point is cloning partition software. Here I will use the Northon Gost software. The method by cloning the OS. So you have to cloning the partition in the HDD drive to the SSD. Later when you finish cloning the OS, you have to delete / format the OS on the HDD using the existing operating system in the SSD.

Preparation Migrate Windows 7 To SSD
1. Computer (not Laptop).
2. USB stick Flash is still healthy.
3. Northon Ghost & amp; USB Format Tool here
Http://upfile.mobi/1281544 or https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4-R_Gk1XOWTdFo1aTJLbkRYTmc
4. HDD installed OS and SSD are still empty.
5. Mouse with PS2 port instead of USB (except if BIOS suport USB Mouse).

Migrate Windows 7 To SSD: Installing Northon Ghost Into Flashdisk
1. Extrack the file you downloaded earlier. Inside is a usb_format.exe file and a folder called norton ghost.

2. Plug the Flashdisk into the computer and open the downloaded usb_format.exe application.

3. After open the usb_format.exe app, Set it like this. File system = fat32, check list / check 'creat a dos bootable disk', fill the location of the dos file with the Norton Ghost folder of the file you downloaded earlier, leave it alone. Then format and wait for it to finish.

4. Copy the contents of Northon Ghost folder that you downloaded earlier to flash (remember copy the contents of the folder instead of the folder), note the following picture.
Migrate Windows 7 To SSD

5. Copy the mouse.com file from the Northon Ghost folder to Falshdisk, note the following picture.
Migrate Windows 7 To SSD

6. After the above steps are completed, turn off the computer.

Migrate Windows 7 To SSD Step Copy OS
1. Setting BIOS for computer Boot to flash. Because my Mobo uses AMIBIOS I just press F11 then choose the disk to boot (not all amibios supports F11 key). Ignore this step if your bios is not the same as mine. Because of the various types of bios please search here for bios setting steps to boot according to the bios brand on your computer.

2. After booting from Flashdisk the screen will be colored black and there is writing 'Windows NT' or the like.

3. Type mouse and enter, to support mouse device with PS / 2 port or USB Mouse if BIOS support.

4. Enter ghost then enter, to open Northon Ghost, initial view of Northon Ghost like this & gt; Hover and click OK.
Migrate Windows 7 To SSD

5. Go to Menu & gt; Local & gt; Disk & gt; To Disk, as shown below.
Migrate Windows 7 To SSD

6. On Source HDD, select the HDD installed OS that you want to cloned (Remember! Do not get it wrong).
Migrate Windows 7 To SSD

7. On Destination HDD choose SSD that is not installed OS.

8. After that you will set the partition space. For partition C content at least 30gb and above, because C partition is a place for cloning / place OS.

9. After setting the memory space is complete, select OK to start the cloning process. Wait for it to finish. Average 10 to 20 minutes.

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