Linux Vm On Windows

Linux Vm On Windows. This instruction will guide you in the installation of a virtual machine and install a second Operating System in Windows, in this case the second operating system id Ubuntu (Linux).

This is a very basic tutorial and is made for people who are not comfortable with VM's. There are many setting and somethings needed when i first do this. Hopefully i will describe it well so that you can easily understand it.

First, we find out what is a Virtual Machine. A virtual machine is program tha simulate a fully self-contained computer with its own input, network, memory, harddrive and optic, and so on that runs on other Operating System layer. It uses your current system hardware and system resource. Tjis is useful if you want to have one computer to do all the good stuff for windows and for hardware development or other sophisticated stuff.

Linux Vm On Windows Preparation
1. Computer With instaled Core i5 and 8GB System Memory.
2. An internet connection
3. OS Windows XP, 7, 8 and may be newest version is suported.

Linux Vm On Windows
1. Download and Instal Virtual box by follow this link
2. Configuring a new Virtual Machine.
Linux Vm On Windows

  • Enter the name and operating system. in this case we're going with linux and ubuntu.
  • Configure Memory RAM size, give to 1GB for VM Program already quite a lot. Too much / too little can be a problem.
  • Create a virtual hard drive. This is where your files will be stored inside your VM.
  • Choose VDI unless you have another VM. Select the amount of storage space. 8GB is good for most users.
  • There will be a quick pop up about optical disk, ignore this for now.
3. Installing Ubuntu on the Virtual Machine.
  • Download the latest version of Ubuntu from
  • Open VortualBox, click on your newly created VM and go to 'Setting' > click 'storage' > select the disk that is still 'empty'.
  • Select 'small disk' with the ISO file of the Ubuntu Linux OS you downloaded earlier. Select 'Ok' > and then click 'Start'. Now the ISO file of the Ubuntu Linux image file has become a boot CD, then Installing like most OS installation.
  • Follow intruction of intallasion from Ubuntu OS. ant then Shutdown the VM.
  • Open the setting menu on VirtualBox and make sure the IDE Storage is 'Empty' again. This keep the VM from wanting to instal Ubuntu instead of running it.

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