Install Windows 7 Without CD

Install Windows 7 Without CD. Instaling a Windows Operating System other than through cd / dvd is posible to do on laptop and computer devices. If not through cd / dvd of course there is another option that is via USB Flashdisk. in practice, we need some application to make bootable windows usb flash, and this is very easy to do. Follow the tutorial below for more detail.

Step To Make Bootable Flashdisk
1. What You Need
  • Download and instal rufus app
  • Flashdisk
  • File iso, image file from windows installation. 
2. Plug the flashdisk to Computer via USB port and open the rufus application.
3. In the rufus application, in the 'creat a bootable disk using' section, includ the iso file from image windows by click 'Disk' logo.
Install Windows 7 Without CD

4. Then, Click 'Start' to start proccess creating Bootable USB Windows.

Step To Setting Boot PC and Installing Windows
1. To set the boot pc, you need to go into BIOS menu. Because the way to enter bios of each PC vendor is different. You need to search the internet about how to enter the bios menu on your laptop.

2. After entering the BIOS, select the boot tab. and in the 'Boot Priority' section, Make sure Flashdisk name is in the first position. then, restart.
Install Windows 7 Without CD

3. After that, you will go windows installation.

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