How To Send Pictures From Android To IPhone

How To Send Pictures From Android To IPhone
How To Send Pictures From Android To Iphone. Sharing photo files with other smart phone users is sometimes a homework. Especially if it happens between Android and iOS users. You must pairing bluetooth first, sometimes even errors occur.

For those of you who are already lazy with the rush, it seems you should try out this interesting application. Named 'FotoSwipe', this app lets Android and iOS users share photos with just one finger. Live swipe (slide) and the photos you want immediately sent.

In use, this application will not make you complicated at all. No need to register here and there, do not worry about bluetooth already pairing or not, and do not need NFC connectivity.

Even more interesting again, you do not need to add someone's account and become friends just to send photos.

All you have to do is simply align your device with other devices, tap a photo, and live swipe to move the desired photo. Furthermore, the photo will automatically be sent in seconds.

FotoSwipe has just been released by the developer FotoSwipe can be downloaded for free via Android and iOS devices. Watch the following video for demonstration 'How To Send Pictures From Android To IPhone'.

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