How To Remote Into A Computer

How To Remote Into A Computer. Have you ever asked for help to fix a error computer or laptop?. But you are not in the place and you can only instruct by phone, but if the instructions are not understood by the recipient of the phone, it will be a complicated problem. Here I will give a tips for you who get the problem as above, that is by remote computer remotely easily. There are two ways, by using the remote Desktop and use an application Team Viewer.

How To Remote Into A Computer With Remote Desktop
1. First of all, enabling the remote desktop on the computer that you want to access, by opening Windows Explorer, or by using a keyboard combination (Logo Win + E).
2. Next, Right Click on "Computer" and select "Properties". If you do not understand you can see the picture below:
How To Remote Into A Computer

3. Next you Click 'Remote' Tab. Then in the 'Remote Desktop' section. Make sure the "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" option is checked. Next Click Apply then Click OK
How To Remote Into A Computer

4. The settings listed in the image above apply to all computers or laptops that will be remote as both host and client. If you want to remotely (host / client) you must know hostname / ip computer and user name the computer (Local). And the computer or laptop client must be given a password.

5. If you've done the above, now it's time to remote desktop. Open the Start menu > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection. Or by opening Run (Win+R), then you type the command "mstsc" and it will look like picture below:
How To Remote Into A Computer

6. In the picture above you should fill in the ip address of your computer that will be remote (client), username and password. Example "PUSINTEKPC2-36" which is the hostname and "pusintek" is the username of the client computer that will be on the remote. If you have the settings right then you click Connect.
7. Finish.

How To Remote Into A Computer With Team Viewer
In this section I will explain how to remote Koputer remotely by using the application, I use the Team Viewer application, you can download the application here.

Team Viewer application is able to solve all computer problems in one package with support and Remote Access via the Internet. TeamViewer is connected to a PC or server anywhere in the world in just a few seconds. You can control your PC remotely, as if you were sitting in front of your own computer screen. Team Viewer is compatible with Microsoft windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.

1. First of all, install the Team Viewer app on the remote computer, open the downloaded file to execute the settings.
2. When installation, select basic installation and Personal / non Commercial for personal or use company-commercial if you have license. Mark "Show advanced settings" if you want to change the installation path. Click finish after selecting your choice.
How To Remote Into A Computer

3. Also install team viewer on the computer that you want to remot like the way above.
4. If it has finished installing both computers, then your computer is ready to remote othe computer.
5. Open the Team Viewer app on your computer and the remote computer.
6. You will see the ID in Password. Enter the ID number on the computer to be remotely compiled into the Partner ID. And clik Connect to Partner.
7. When prompted, input the password provided on the computer that will be your remote.
8. Now you have full access to your remote computer.

Now you do not bother explaining to your friends to fix something on friend's computer, you can do it yourself where you are now without listening to their complaints

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