How To Get Out Of Safe Mode Android

How To Get Out Of Safe Mode Android
How To Get Out Of Safe Mode Android. If you have manually turned on safe mode, then simply restarting your phone will easily remove you from safe mode. Even so, if your device automatically enters safe mode, it will be difficult for us to get out of safe mode because there must be an error in the system that prevents it to get out of safe mode and we must overcome it first.

How To Get Out Of Safe Mode Android
To turn off safe mode, you can try several different methods, which have advantages and disadvantages of each. You can follow the steps below:

How To Get Out Of Safe Mode Android by Turn off the phone 'completely'
The meaning of the words 'completely' here is, by spending all the power of your phone. To get out of safe mode, we need to drain all the power from the phone so that it becomes completely dead (run out of battery power completely). Before turning off the phone, make sure your phone is not connected to a charger or USB cable that can charge its power. Then, turn off your phone from the Power menu button. After the phone is completely off, open the back cover and remove the battery and SIM card (if possible). Then wait at least 20-30 seconds because usually there is still power remaining even though the battery has been removed.

Reinstall the battery and SIM card and try turning on the phone by holding down the Power button for a few seconds. After passing all these processes, your phone should have returned to normal mode. If still in safe mode, then follow the next steps.

How To Get Out Of Safe Mode Android by Uninstall all apps you just installed
There is also the possibility that a newly installed app can cause the phone to boot into Safe Mode. you need to uninstall all the applications you just installed, and in most cases, uninstalling the latest installed apps is enough to remove the culprit. Even so, if you turn out to have installed a lot of applications at a time, then you need to uninstall everything, or try rebooting the phone every time after a single uninstall. Once you've done everything, just restart your phone and you should be out of safe mode.

How To Get Out Of Safe Mode Android by Delete the partition cache
The partition cache is a temporary file that stores all application data, which can sometimes become corrupt and force the phone to boot in safe mode. You need to delete (wipe) the partition cache to make sure there are no corrupted files that cause the phone to boot in safe mode. Remove it from "Recovery mode" or commonly referred to as hard reset.

To get into recovery mode, you need a combination of several buttons that can vary from one device to another. You can find the right combination of buttons for your mobile phone brand by searching on Google.

First off, turn off the phone. Then, restart the phone by holding down the 'Power' button. As soon as the screen starts, you need to press and hold the "Power", "Home" buttons, and "Volume" buttons with different combinations depending on the device and manufacturer, then the phone will boot into recovery mode.

In recovery mode, there will be several different options, and you can navigate by pressing the up and down volume buttons and selecting options by pressing the Power button.

There, you'll find the "Wipe Cache Partition" option, scroll to it and press the "Power" button to clear the partition cache. When you're done, restart your phone again and see if you're out of safe mode.

How To Get Out Of Safe Mode Android by repair special keys that has been broken
To enter the safe mode usually the user must press a special key. Generally a combination of Power + Vol Up / Down button. Check whether the vol up / down button has been broken or not. If it breaks, this may result in the android smartphone entering the safe mode menu unintentionally.

How To Get Out Of Safe Mode Android by reinstal original firmware
Reinstalling the firmware may be the solution for you if you can not do factory reset. Reinstalling the firmware can restore the smartphone as it started. But unfortunately it takes a special tutorial to do so, such as software for installing different firmware for each type of smartphone. And firmware ROM that is specially made for certain smartphone models.

How To Get Out Of Safe Mode Android by factory reset
If you still get stuck, then last you can try to do factory reset. This will make your phone software fully refreshed (like when you first bought), and will delete all the data contained therein. However, this is the last altrenative and never suggested before you try all the solutions mentioned earlier.

Note: this process will erase all existing data on your phone, so make sure you have backup data on your Android device before doing so.

You can do factory reset from your phone. go to the Settings menu and tap 'Backup and Reset'. From there, choose 'Factory Data Reset', and then tap on 'Reset Phone'. Your phone will restart and takes about 5-10 minutes to completely factory reset and boot into normal mode.

If you can not factory reset from your phone, either because the touch screen does not work, or the phone does not bbot at all (bootloop), then you can do factory reset from 'recovery mode'. After entering recovery mode, select 'Wipe data / factory reset' option. After that, do the confirmation and the phone will be in factory reset.

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