How To Backup Files On Windows 7

How To Backup Files On Windows 7. While windows is experiencing serious problems or can not be used anymore then re-install is the thing to do. As we know this process can be troublesome, boring even annoying because they have to install the application one by one and must settings here and there. Before re-install you must also backup the existing data on the drive: C, so that important data is not lost.

Making backups of data is a must to do so that you do not face these problems continuously. If at any time windows 7 you have problems or can not be used, you just restore your backup system without the need to re-install again. You can backup and restore capitalize on existing facilities in Windows 7. So you do not need to bother using additional applications.

To start the backup process make sure you do it after the reinstallation process is complete and also has installed drivers along with standard applications. This is so that the condition of Windows is still healthy and you no longer need to perform the procedure of installing the driver repeatedly.

How To Backup Files On Windows 7
The process of data backup Windows 7 can also be done automatically and periodically (schedule backup). This backup schedule will remove the old backup and replace it with the latest backup. You also have the choice of backup storage location. You can backup to hard disk, backup to DVD, and can also backup to network. In this article, I will discuss How To Backup Files On Windows 7 To External Hard Drive. Here are the steps to make a backup of Windows 7 to a hard drive:

1. Open Control Panel. On the System and Security item, click Backup your computer.
In the next window, click on Set up Backup.
How To Backup Files On Windows 7

2. In the first Backup Wizard window, select the hard drive partition or external drive (flash or external hard drive) which will be the backup location. Click Next to continue.

3. Next, select the option Let Windows choose (recommended) and click Next. If you want to specify what will be backed up, select Let me choose.

4. In the next window, click the Save settings and run backup button to start the backup process.

5. Windows 7 data backup process will start soon. Wait until the backup process, The time required for this backup process depends on the size of the file to be in the backup.

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