How To Add Songs From Computer To Iphone

How To Add Songs From Computer To Iphone, Perhaps for lovers of this one iPhone smartphone is not foreign anymore, the article we will discuss this time provide complete instructions for you novice users who may just buy an iPhone and want to put favorite songs from your laptop or computer to the Iphone.

How To Add Songs From Computer To Iphone
As we know, this Apple phone is a bit different from mobile phones that are common in other. Due to its sophisticated features and some other uniqueness so that this smart phone has its own characteristics. One of them is an application called iTunes. Apple creates an iOS device that can not be separated from programs often known as iTunes.

We say it that way because iTunes can be said to be the key to entering most things for your iOS device. Call it adding music, video, iBook app to iOS device, all it requires this one program. Well do not wait a long time we will give How to Easily Copy Music from PC to iPhone, following the complete guide.

How To Add Songs From Computer To Iphone
  1. The first step you should download iTunes on the official web like Apple iTunes and install it.
  2. After that Insert the multimedia file into the iTunes library by clicking on the 2x file in the finder. By default iTunes will copy and insert your files in the library located in Finder -> Music -> iTunes.
  3. Then connect iOS device with PC and open iTunes
  4. Find the song file you want to move to your phone
  5. Block the music files (Ctrl + A) and reopen iTunes, select the existing TAB music device name.
  6. Click the file hold and drop / drag the file to iTunes, iTunes will automatically update the music on your device and wait until the process is complete.

Use the information we can give you about the copy music from PC to the iPhone on all of you. Hopefully the above article can be useful and especially for the beginner users of this smart phone, so thank you for read tutorial How To Add Songs From Computer To Iphone.

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