How Do I Send A Fax From My Computer

How Do I Send A Fax From My Computer. If you already have a phone line at home and a computer with dial-up modem, you can already receive or send a fax. Okay, we're starting. The first step you must make sure that you have paid the phone bill, because if you have a phone line but there is no dial tone, then this tutorial can not work. So pay first.

And make sure your computer is already installed dial up modem (average modem diul up already supports fax service). To check it, look in the section behind the back of the computer, if there is a phone cable port, your computer has installed a dial-up modem. Dont forget to check if the driver is installed in your computer too. When all is done we go to the next stage.

1. Connect your phone cable to the dial-up modem.
2. Now set up your computer modem with Click Control Panel
3. Now click on Phone and Modem
4. After the Phone and Modem dialogs appear, select My Location and click Edit
How Do I Send A Fax From My Computer

5. Fill Country / Region with your country and Area Code (phone code where you live) without zero.
How Do I Send A Fax From My Computer

6. Click Ok and close the Phone and modem dialog box by clicking Ok
7. Now set up windows fax and scan. Click Start > All Programs > Windows Fax and Scan.
8. After the Windows Fax and Scan Editor appears, click Tools > Fax Settings
9. After the Fax Setting dialog appears, select Device name according to your dial up modem by click select fax device > Click ok.
How Do I Send A Fax From My Computer

11. To start sending fax messages, click New Fax
12. The New Fax dialog will appear and fill in:
13. Cover page: Choose none if you want to send a fax without a cover page
14. To: Fill in the destination fax number
15. Subject: Fill in the title / subject of fax
16. Write the contents of the fax editor text section or you can also send the document by click 'button attach'
17. Click send
How Do I Send A Fax From My Computer

18. Done

You can also send a fax by way of Word click Print and select your printer type to fax and click OK. It will display a Windows fax and scan dialog. For Windows other than windows 7 the same principle. If you encounter any difficulties please comment. Hope this answers the question 'How Do I Send A Fax From My Computer'.

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