Best Virtual Machine For Windows

Best Virtual Machine For Windows
Best Virtual Machine For Windows. Virtual Machine allows you to run other Operating System running on top of your OS. Suppose you use windows and want to try Linux on Windows. You can take advantage of the function of this Virtual Machine application. in addition, Virtual Machine can use to instal different versions of different OS such as Windows XP running on Windows 7.

Here are some Virtual Machine application that you can try:

Best Virtual Machine For Windows : VirtualBox
VirtualBox give all the convenience in freedom. Many of the feature provided virtual box like multiple cross platform suport, ease of sharing files and the most important is free. And suport for Linux, Windows, Mac, and Solaris.

Best Virtual Machine For Windows : VM Ware Player
There are 2 version from VM Ware, that is VM Ware Player and VM Ware Workstation. If you just want to use to try on your computer or laptop you can try the free version by using VN Ware Player. If corporate-level , you can try the Workstation version with features like easy virtual Machine creation, Hardware Optimization, Driver-less gues OS. This application runs on Linux and Windows.

Best Virtual Machine For Windows : Parallel
Parallel does pay particular attention to running other OS on top MAC OS but it could be for other OS. Parallel also allows you to share files, clipboard, transparent printer, and peripherals, Parallel can be installed in OS Windows, Mac and Linux.

Best Virtual Machine For Windows : Windows Virtual PC
Windows also provides a limites virtual PC. It is provided for the purpose of running application from previous version of windows. Maybe for those of you often find programs that are not running on the latest version of windows. you can yous this tool.

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