Best Free Antivirus Windows 8

Best Free Antivirus Windows 8. Antivirus is the most important software that must be installed on the computer, if the computer is using Windows OS. This is because most of the virus more easily attack windows OS. Windows 8 and 8.1 is one of the most widely used OS. If you are one of those people who use windows 8 and 8.1 as operating system / OS, you are probably looking for the best Anti virus for windows OS.

Viruses are programs created with malicious purposes, such as stealing data, damaging a computer or a combination of both. Therefore we have to install antivirus software in order to avoid the virus attack. But the number of antivirus software for Windows sometimes make us confused in picking the best Antivirus, if we install the antivirus with the lack of protection and update the virus base data, then the virus can be undetected and can easily damage the system and existing data on the computer.

Therefore, Dukuntekno has made a list of the best antivirus you can choose. But the important thing to do after installing antivirus is do not forget to mengaupdate antivirus software and database. Because the number of new viruses that appear can not be detected by antivirus that is rarely updated.

Avast Free Anti Virus
Best Free Antivirus Windows 8
Avast is the first list that peaks in the Best Free Antivirus Windows 8. Avast is one of the best antivirus for Windows 8 and 8.1. There are many features that you can use for, such as virus scanning before booting into Windows, protecting your browser from malware or email messages, system shield features, etc. Avast is used by most computer users to protect their PC against viruses and malware. Currently Avast is free antivirus software. Avast comes with a simple and user friendly look, making it easy to use.

Dropped to 2 there Avira, anti virus is also one of the best free antivirus for windows 8 that you can use. Avira can protect your computer from a variety of viruses, malware (programs that often pop up ads), spyware (spying programs), rootkis (a very dangerous virus), worms (programs that consume your PC's memory), phishing Soft cheats), hoaxes and other mallicious programs.

Norton Security
Third is Norton security, Northon is recognized as one of the best antivirus and has a strong defense by windows users. Norton has several versions like Norton anti virus, Norton internet security and Norton 360. where each version has different features and benefits. You can use one of the three variants of northon Antivirus

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