Access ICloud On Android

Access ICloud On Android
Access Icloud On Android. If you follow Apple's developments or at least have read news about Apple, there's a good chance of ever hearing 'iCloud'. Actually what is iCloud anyway? In this article will explain what is iCloud and what are its uses, also does android has that facility.

What is iCloud?
Before going to Access Icloud On Android, we need to understand 'what is icloud?'. Cloud computing, or cloud computing is a system where IOS devices can be separated from cables and no longer need iTunes for synchronization. ICloud is a continuation of MobileMe that is no longer developed by Apple.

For example, you have an iPhone, an iPad and a Mac. You can buy an app on iPhone. Newly purchased apps will also be directly downloaded by Mac and iPad. This will also apply to music, photos and documents. You also no longer need to back-up the manual, as iCloud will back up daily.

Later third-party applications can use iCloud. This will certainly benefit the users of iOS and Mac OS X. Imagine if all iOS apps can be directly backed up, there will be no high score game lost, or documents left behind at home.

What are iCloud Features?
Music in the clouds
This one is an iTunes account with a music store. Music in the cloud does not mean streaming. With iCloud you can download live songs already purchased using iTunes directly on your iPhone / iPad without having to browse the iTunes Music Store. Songs purchased from a device will be available on other devices. To save it in iCloud it is necessary to subscribe to iTunes Match for $ 25 / year.

Do not bother to sync photos
With iCloud, photos you take using your iPhone can instantly sync to other authorized devices with the Photo Stream feature. Simple!
However, all photos stored in Photo Stream will be deleted after 30 days. Therefore, immediately download the desired photo to iPhoto or My Pictures folder on PC

Documents in the cloud
When outside you write using iPad using Pages. Then save it, when you get home, the document is already available on the Mac. No more plugging iTunes and document sync. Currently iWork like Pages, Keynote and Numbers supports iCloud. Other applications will definitely support iCloud for the convenience of its users.

Your app is available at any time
As part of iTunes in the Cloud, iCloud will store data of all apps you've purchased. You can directly download the application without having to search and press the BUY button again. For new app purchases will be directly synced with other roles, ready to use.

Sync iBooks
In addition to iBooks library synchronization, iCloud will also store bookmarks. You can continue reading a book on the iPhone from the bookmark position that is on the iPad. In addition, iBooks notation will also be synchronized.

Sync iCal, Mail, Bookmark
The most fundamental features for productivity are the ability to sync iCal, email via and Bookmark on safari. This feature is no different from the current MobileMe. The sync process will keep running behind the scenes.

Find My Friends
Later when using iOS 5 we can share our own location with friends. Suppose you're meeting in a place you're not familiar with, you can use the Find My Friend app to find out where your friends are positioned as a guide for finding a way. Find My Friends can find out how far your friends are from your location and see where they are on the map. Suitable for a possessive girlfriend or protective parent.

Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone has been a lifesaver for those who lost or robbed the iPhone. Many success stories about the return of the lost iPhone. The long-standing Find My iPhone feature also continues in iCloud. There is no fundamental change from Find My iPhone. The difference is you to see the location of your iPhone / iPad must go to no longer to

Can I Access ICloud On Android?
The answer is: Yes, You Can. Actually we've often found it on android, but you do not realize it
Cloud facility example from google:

With gmail you can sync every electronic mail and your contacts online and can be sync also in your other gadgets

Google Calendar is also a cloud technology, you can access your schedule through your other gadgets, ordinary google calendar automatically sync with your google account from your android

From Android Market you can back up all the apps you have installed, so if you delete your phone, install a new ROM or buy a new phone. Your application will start downloading the apps you backed up immediately. Unfortunately android market will not backup application data but there are many applications available to do that. I personally recommend Titanium Backup because it has the ability to sync backups with Dropbox. For games, you can download Google Play.

Google Plus
Google Android + is an app that will automatically sync your photos taken on the device. Synced photos will back up your photos to your Picasa account where you get 1GB of free space for photo storage. Picasa, a web service, where you are not required to download or view photos, so they can be easily viewed in web browsers, phone tablets and PCs.

Google Doc
One of the features offered by google where you can add, edit and pull your document data wherever you are, like using microsoft office (word, excel, etc)

Google Book
Google book is also one of the features of google for a cloud system that will be integrated with your android, you can access your e-books wherever and whenever

Google Map
This feature is not foreign to you, google map is a scanner feature that will mark where you are, so also your android device, so you can also use when your android device is lost (of course with or without third-party applications)

Google Music
For those of you music lovers who do not want to miss and want to hear your music anywhere, you can use this feature instead of iTunes (though not the exact same feature)

Those are some examples of cloud features on google, you can find features with other cloud systems on the internet, for example:

Conclusion Access Icloud On Android
Are you still not satisfied with your android? Since most of the cloud system features on android resemble features on iCloud on iOS? The answer comes back to you. The android cloud applications you can search and install in google play store.

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