Multiple Ways to Peek BBM Messages Without Must Status Changed to R

Multiple Ways to Peek BBM Messages Without Must Status Changed to R. BBM (Blackberry Messenger) is an application used to exchange messages. This application would have been very familiar, Even the application of fuel can be regarded as a favorite application of the users of gadgets today. They can freely chat, telfon, or just voice notes. For you loyal BBM users, the icon R (Read) or D (Delivered) must have understood well what it means. Icon D can mean that BBM messages have been sent, while the R icon can be interpreted messages have been sent and read by the recipient.
With the icon, the BBM user will easily recognize whether the message sent has been read or not by other users (the recipient of the message). This is sometimes a problem for some people, because sometimes someone does not want to know if the message from the sender has been read. But now there is no need to worry anymore. You can read the unmarked BBM message to read. How to? Let's look good.

Method 1
There are two ways to read fuel messages without a read mark you deserve to try. The first way is to use the Voice Notification Shouter app, where reading the BBM without read allows you to read incoming BBM messages on android notifications with sound unknown to the sender.
1. You can download the first Voice Notification Shouter app through Google Play for free. Then download.
2. Next, install and open the app. Then put a check on "Enable" to activate the application voice notification shouter.
3. Select "Notification", then check the "Enable" menu to see incoming Android notifications.
4. Then select "Select Apps" then search and check the BBM application.
5. Done. Tricks to read BBM without changing the status of D to R also successfully done.

Method 2
How to read BBM messages without a second read is arguably easier than the first way, how to read BBM without R in android this you can do very easily and do not take much time. But it looks like this trick is not working on the latest version of BBM app.
1. Avoid to click notification when you receive incoming BBM message.
2. Open the BBM app via the app icon.
3. Once signed in to the BBM app, click the chat tab.
4. Turn off the Air Plane mode by rubbing the Notification bar status bar from top to bottom. Wait until the android network mode appears. Select an icon with an airplane or Air Plane mode.
5. After that you can read the BBM message that came in earlier. Notice the "R" sign will not appear on the BBM message sender screen because you are not connected to the internet.
6. Close the chat once you finish reading.
7. Restart your internet connection, and the incoming message was still sent alias D.

How to read BBM messages without the read mark above is very easy is not it? Well, that's some way to peep BBM Message Without Must Status Changed to R. Now you do not have to worry anymore if you want to read BBM message marks known by the sender yes? May be useful.

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