How To Make Upper, Lower and Celsius Rank In Ms. Word

How To Create Rank And Celsius In Ms Word. For a long time admin did not post on this blog relate a few days ago admin so occupied by the job so this blog had been neglected for several weeks. This time the admin will share tips on how to create rank above and below in the application of the document editor that is Microsoft office word. According to admin itself rank above is a small number that is beside other letters / numbers with the above position. This power is in square, cubic, etc. The example of a rectangle is 52, the number 2 is the rank. The rank of the cubic number is 53, the 3 is the rank.

Well, already know understanding and forms of rank commonly used in math lessons. But besides this form is also widely used in science lessons such as for example units on degrees Celsius, for example:  37o. Already curious as to how to make it? Well, to make it all later explained below, now check first what and what rank rank.

The lower rank is almost the same as the upper rank is the same lowercase letter beside other letters / numbers. But this rank can be used in the chemical formula and the number is below for example: H2O number 2 is the rank below. That is the explanation of rank above and below. For how to make it can follow the steps below.

How to Make a Rank Up
To create the above power simply press the three buttons simultaneously is Ctrl + Shift + =

Example: for example want to make 52, then just type 52. Keep the second digit in the block and press Ctrl + Shift + = then the number 2 will directly shrink and rise upwards. So also with how to create other rank. To return to the regular letter form press Ctrl + Shift + =

How to Make a Rank Down
To create a rank under just press two buttons simultaneously that is Ctrl + =
Example: for example want to make H2O then just type H2O. Keep number 2 in the block and press Ctrl + = then the number 2 will immediately shrink down. Likewise with how to create rank below others. To return to the regular letter form press Ctrl + =

Another way is to press the existing power symbol on the Microsoft Word menu. Look at the top of the X2  Xsymbol as shown below.
Suppose to make the power of the H2O. Ente H2O, then block the number 2 and press symbol X2 then number 2 will shrink down. So also with the above rank.

Well, now already know is not how to create the rank and the rank above on Microsoft Word, if so admin end first this positngan titled on how to create rank below and rank above on microsoft office word. Hope can help friends in completing school tasks and also the task of college.

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