How To Know CPU And GPU Models On Android.

How To Know CPU And GPU Models On Android. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or Visual Processing Unit (VPU) is one of the important components that work to process graphics when running applications including playing games. GPU is actually almost the same as the CPU (Central Processing Unit), but the difference GPU has thousands of cores to perform parallel calculations. So, this GPU is very important for the performance of Android Smartphone especially in running Game / Applications that have high graphics level. There are several types of Smartphone GPUs, such as Adreno, Mali, PowerVR, Tegra, VideoCore Broadcome and so forth. For Best Android GPU now is Qualcomm Adreno 530.
When you download Android Games in the form of APK and Data files sometimes we see some options Download for specific GPU. If my friend downloads the Game via the internet regardless of the Smartphone GPU type. Could be when my friend run the game that appears only black screen (blank) and sound of the game. This is because due to the game data does not match the GPU android pal. So, than my friend is wasting time and quota due to wrong game download. We better know our Smartphone GPU type first.

Well, on this occasion. I will share Tutorial How to Know Type GPU Mobile owned by my friend so as not to misdirected in downloading apps / games that exist diinternet. Let's see tutorial. How To Know The Type Of GPU All Types Of HP Android:

Previously, prepare tools and materials first. That is
Android Mobile (Required)
Internet Quota
If you already have internet quota, please download the application CPU-Z

If everything is ready, we go to the tutorial:
Open CPU-Z Application, After you download the CPU-Z application and install it, please open the application. With this CPU-Z app you will find details of your android's proprietary specs.
View In Menu SOC Then to find out the type of GPU's pal. Please go to page / menu SOC. Well, In this menu you can know the type of GPU that is embedded in your android phone belongs to my friend.

My mobile is embedded Mali GPU. How about your mobile pal? Or maybe Mobile belongs to my best embedded Android GPU buddies today? So, please try and let's share your GPU's kind of comment on the comment. Oh yes, the CPUz application also provides information about CPU mode, just complete this application in providing system information. That's the first tutorial from me How to Know CPU Type And GPU All Android, hopefully can be useful for you guys.

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