Chrome Crashing Windows 7

Chrome Crashing Windows 7. Google Chrome is still the choice of the majority of internet user to explore the virtual world to find the latest information and enjoy multimedia content. But, what happens if is about to run, it turns out Google Chrome failed to run and error message appear?

Do not panic, this kind of problem is not the end of everything. Because there are several ways you can take to deal with Google Chrome that crashes:

Remove Local State
The first way, delete the local state file you can find in the application directory, Press the windows + R, then paste the directory as follows:
Chrome Crashing Windows 7

AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
Next find the file 'local state' and delete

Rename 'Default' Folder
If the first way does not solve your problem, try the second solution by renaming the default folder. The trick, Repeat the first step, press the Windows key + R then paste the directory ad follow:
Chrome Crashing Windows 7
AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
Then rename the 'Default' folder name to 'Default.bat'. Now, Please restart your Google Chrome Browser.

Turning Off Flash
Not finished yet? Try the third way, that is turn off the flash function in chrome which in many cases is often the cause of the crash. To turn off flash, Copy this address to chrome browser and press enter.
Chrome Crashing Windows 7
Next, turn off the flash by clicking the disable menu. Now, please try restarting your Chrome Browser.

Update Google Chrome
Chrome Crashing Windows 7
Finaly, the always recommended step regardiess of whether your done with the trick above is to update to the latest version. To update Google Chrome, click the 'Help' > 'About' > 'Google Menu', after that the system will check the available of the latest version and download it automaticaly. Such are some way to overcome Google Chrome that orro or crash. Some of the above step may only be appropriate for Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8. Good Luck!.

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