How To Protect Aplication In Windows With Password

Protect applications or specific programs that not everyone can run it is one of the main right solution for those of you who want to get privacy is safe enough, programs such as history and an account which has been logged in the browser mozilla firefox, chrome, opera and other types of programs can be secured with a password. You do not need to panic if your computer is used by others, for your important programs have been protected with passwords.

Not just anyone will be able to use an application that stores your privacy, my advice tide password easy to remember but hard to guess. To avoid the risks forgot password keywords.

Protect Applications With Password Door
Its main feature is to ensure privacy and security by giving a password on a desired program. As for how to use the password door following:

1. Download And Install During installation process then you will be prompted to enter the primary password and Confirm password, remember! enter the password that is easy to remember but hard to guess.
2. Go to Applications and enter the main Password earlier.
3. Applications will Password Door mmelakukan scan applications.
4. Please add the applications that you want to protect / protection with password.

if you uninstall the applications, you must enter the password last major order uninstaling process is running, that is safe enough, right?. Actually there are many applications with similar functionality, Some of these are: Empathy, Exe Password, etc.

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