Factors Affecting Performance Computers

Of course if you want to get the performance of your computer in optimal condition you need to know what factors influence. Several factors affect the computer's performance. I'm sort of the most influential factor.

Computing of Processor
Instruction set
Is a processor architecture. dingambarkan how the processor can process the program. the more the processor instruction set has many more he has kopleksitas Computing.

Total Core on Prossesor
Core is a place where a task or program in the process. Core increasingly faster a task is completed. other than that of the forward speed or Clock. increasing the number of cores is more effective and saving more power.

Clock calculated by Hz. This is the number of electrical pulses that propagate in the processor.

Can deifying he is the way. Incoming data have to go through perubaha types of data such as data entry to the ALU, registers, cache and the like.

Memory cache on the processor has a speed highest among other types of memory and serves to store data which is most often accessed by the processor. The larger the cache capacity, the better.

Computational of GPU
Buy a Graphics Card that supports the latest technology. such as OpenCL, DirectX12, Mantle, OpenGL4.5, Pysic, Cuda, Direct Compute.

Speed and Space of BUS
Storing data in which the processor executable mengabil data directly without searching for the location of the binary data. of the ram is that the main thing is the space. of the issues that I hear ram speeds available today is enough. the main thing is kapasitanya the bigger the better.

Normally an operating system always access the System Partition, make sure you have a data transfer speed of the hard drive that fast. Minimal buy a HDD that supports SATA2.0

Software Algorith
Good software is software that leverages the hardware resource to the fullest. Example: Windows 10.

Software Version
Install the latest drivers can improve computer performance, is because the driver with the latest version of the application will come up with an algorithm that is more friendly to the engine. driver update VGA, Audio, Ethernet, chipset, etc. 

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