Setting Optimization Performance Graphic AMD Crimson Dukun Tekno

Setting Optimization Performance Graphic AMD Crimson

AMD has just released a new driver named Crimson that replaces the old driver named Catalyst, Crimson said to be better than Catalys because it is made from zero, meaning that AMD actually designing Crimson differ from Catalyst. Some differences can be met such as opening applications Crimson is noticeably faster, wherein the catalyst loading would meet fair amount of time, some other differences such as performance optimization. Crimson fully supports all graphics cards AMD GCN architecture (Graphics Core Next) for 64bit and 32bit, download the drivers here .

Almost no difference between the terms that met with the AMD Catalyst Crimson, Crimson's just come up with a new look, here is disconcerting is its layout only if you are a user who is familiar with Catalyst.

Need to note that a Crimson More On Optimize For GPU Architecture of the GCN (Graphics Core Next) Not TerraScale. If you use a scale terra architecture should install the catalyst.

How To Setup Games And 3D (Global Graphic)
Just open the game with a logo stick Tab> Global Settings> There you will see Global Graphic and Global Overdrive. Global Graphics to set the 3D graphics such as anti-aliasing, texture and others.

Global OverDrive For Overclocking features.
If you do not like a long description that I will explain, you can emulate the graphics settings as shown above. But if you still have problems in the performance of the game, you can read the content of this article so that it becomes a little more understand how to adjust your VGA card capabilities with graphics settings.

To open the window Driver Right click on the Desktop and select Catalys / Crimson. Explanations and tutorials are meant to get the best game performance on your computer device.
Untuk membuka Driver Klik kanan pada jendela Desktop lalu pilih Catalys / Crimson.

Anti Aliasing
Left: antialiasing OFF. Right: antialiasing ON

This feature is to refine existing grid lines on an incline so it looks smooth. the higher the level of anti-aliasing, the smoother the surface of the slash and the greater the computational load performance. there are 3 options settings:

From what I feel, antialiasing suck up a lot of performance. I recommend it for disabled Anti Aaliasing features.

1. Use Application Settings> means the graphics settings to follow the game settings instead of crimson.
2. Enhance Application Settings> will be active if the antialiasing feature settings in the game are disabled, perhaps more accurately coat the setting is not active.
3. Override Application Settings> means the graphics settings the game will follow the settings Crimson is not a game.

Left: Anistrophic OFF. Right: Anistrophic ON.

This feature increases the focus on surface texture graphic images that are oblique viewing angle with respect to the camera angles are usually pictures experiencing patches of neat. It's like a camera lens that focuses on only a certain distance.

If enabled, the picture will be more orderly and smooth, the level of focus depending on the setting level, the higher the further the distance the camera is focused, but increasingly suck GPU performance.

1. Use Application Settings> means the graphics settings to follow the game settings instead of crimson.
2. Override Application Settings> means the graphics settings the game will follow the settings Crimson is not a game.

Texture Filter Mode
Left: antialiasing is OFF, texture filter is OFF. middle: ntialiasing is ON, texture filter is OFF. Right: antialiasing is ON, texture filter is ON.
This feature is similar to antialiasing, the difference in texture filter is this feature for softening the image on the surface of the 3d, while antilalias for softening the image on the surface 2d.

I tasted Texture hardly drain filter performance suitable for high-bandwidth memory VRAM, so set on the highest level.

1. High> means improved texture quality and supports the shadow effect.
2. Standards> means they support the shadow effect but the texture becomes blur.
3. Performance> means the texture does not support the features and quality of the blur bayagan

Setting For Surface Optimization
a demotion effects that change the graphic 64 bit to 32 bit for easier processing, but reduces the quality of graphics.

This feature can improve performance by up to 30%, so activate it.

Surface Format Optimization itself is a trick AMD to accelerate the process of calculation framebuffer, by reducing the binary calculations on the value of the color framebuffer. This feature is available in the Catalyst Control Center driver series v10.10e upward and likely available for all series Crimson. This feature brings 32bit not 64bit mode, and the digital color imaging that I know at this time there are Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha or better known as RGBA. each carrying the 16bit value means like Red = 16bit, Green = 16bit, Blue = 16bit, 16bit Alpha =. so the result 16 + 16 + 16 + 16 = 64, general game graphics fully use 64bit for one texel.

To reduce memory and speed up the process, Surface Format Optimization feature will change a bit value of each color to Red = 11bit, Green = 11bit, Blue = 10bit, Alpha = None. In order to get the value 11 + 11 + 10 = 32, this feature will make the calculated values ​​into 32bit for each texel, so the calculation becomes simple and fast course. Surface Format Optimization general features can improve performance by up to 30% but reduces the quality of the graphics, though not too flashy.

Wait For Vertical Refresh & Triple Buffering
Prevent tearing effect on graphics, learn more here .

This feature is to double Polygon / triangle on 3D Object so that indentations on the surface looks smooth and realistic 3D. Select AMD Optimize all selections.

Frame Target Control
A feature to control the number of fps (frames per second), Frame per Second is the number of pictures that appear in one second, an animated scene is composed of frames, Frame was changing continuously on the screen so as to produce the animation moves. Normally to produce the best graphics set to 60fps, while the lowest was 55fps. Do not set below 55fps running like frightened game experience lag or broken.