Setting Optimization Performance Graphic AMD Catalyst Control Center Dukun Tekno

Setting Optimization Performance Graphic AMD Catalyst Control Center

Driver VGA setting is a bit confusing because there using terms that foreign to the layman. but I will give advice how optimizations AMD VGA Driver. Notice her step by step so you can easily understand.

To practice, here I am using Windows OS 32Bit.

Open the menu to select the Gaming> 3D Settings. Or consider the following figure.

Anti Aliasing

Anti-aliasing feature serves to smooth slash. So the picture will look softer.

In the Anti-Aliasing Options Mode Select 'Override Application Settings' to activate the feature.
On the menu there are several options here given. None, 2x, 4x, 8x.
However, this feature is completely drain Performance VGA up to 40%. Not quite worth the sacrifice of yield and performance.
So I recommend to select 'None' / LOW on all the settings in this menu.

Texture Filter
This feature is to set the Texture on the surface of a 3D object.
In the Texture Options Mode select 'Override Application Settings' to activate the feature.
There are several pilhan who provided. Anostropic Filter: 2x, 4x, 8, 16x. Texture Quality: Performance, Standard, High Quality. Surface Optimizer.
Virtually no performance difference between Low and High settings. If you have a 1GB VRAM or more I would suggest to the High setting for all options imaginable.

Frame Rate

This feature is to control the frame rate.
The menus are provided: Vertical Refresh, Triple Buffer.
Images look torn because Vertical Refresh in Deactivate.
Vertical Refresh function to prevent errors portrayal VGA position. This could happen if between VGA and Monitor incompatible one another. Therefore select 'Always on' because it is not too draining performance, sometimes even does not affect the performance.

Triple Buffer function to process the scene the next image. This feature can improve gaming performance. Therefore select 'ON'.


This feature is to double Polygon / triangle on the 3D object so that it looks realistic. Select AMD Optimize all selections.

Shadow / Shadow
Shadows in the show by arrows

This feature does not exist in the Catalyst Control Center menu. but usually popular games include the settings. Of all the existing arrangements, setting this one is a little heavy this whether its should be deactivated or Enable. This feature gives the image that makes the game look realistic like in real life, but it also drains the great performance. but if the VGA card belongs to you can still run the game smoothly, you can activate this feature. but if not better disable it.

Overclock Graphics Card AMD Safe

Check Enable Graphic Overdrive, Set power limit and GPU Clock to Full, and on the memory clock let it go because if one of the computer's settings can be an error.