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AMD Surface Optimization

If you frequently perform manual settings via a graphics card AMD Driver then surely you will find an option called 'Surface Format Optimization "on the setting in the Catalyst Graphic and Crimson, but what is meant by' Surface Format Optimization 'that? of course you wonder, because the general setting 3D graphics found on driver among others antialiasing, texture filter, anistrophic, and others. So the more curious is not it?

Surface Format Optimization itself is a trick AMD to accelerate the process of calculation framebuffer, by reducing the binary calculations on the value of the color framebuffer. This feature tersedi the series Catalyst Control Center driver v10.10e upward and likely available for all series Crimson. This feature brings 32bit not 64bit mode, and the digital color imaging that I know at this time there are Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha or better known as RGBA. each carrying the 16bit value means like Red = 16bit, Green = 16bit, Blue = 16bit, 16bit Alpha =. so the result 16 + 16 + 16 + 16 = 64, general game graphics fully use 64bit for one texel.

To reduce memory and speed up the process, Surface Format Optimization feature will change a bit value of each color to Red = 11bit, Green = 11bit, Blue = 10bit, Alpha = None. In order to get the value 11 + 11 + 10 = 32, this feature will make the calculated values ​​into 32bit for each texel, so the calculation becomes simple and fast course. Surface Format Optimization general features can improve performance by up to 30% but reduces the quality of the graphics, though not too flashy.