How To Remove The Hiden Adsvertisement Code In Templates Blog

Being a blogger is familiar with the name of advertising, because advertising is a source of revenue for a blogger and therefore many pemblogger use a variety of ways so that ads can be seen by many people, one of them by placing your ad code into a template that will be his share, actually it this could be at risk because he post the ad code will be posted on the site is prohibited by any other party, and ultimately make their own ad account be banned, as has been expressed by a policy that prohibits displaying Google Adsense ads in several sites in a particular category.

Google Adsense is an advertising publisher of the most popular because of the quality and have high value of payments, but to get a verified account adsense is quite difficult, many of the bloggers who are willing to buy adsense account at millions of rupiahs.

Templates can be regarded as his blog, they set of the look and style of blog, in the template contains of codes, that form the structure included the ad code. Generally, a blogger does not even bother to buy a template and prefer to get free templates from the internet. Because it is easier and instant rather than bother buying and there was a free template that has a better view. But sometimes in the free template has been compromised by the ads code from others, whether it be from the true developer of the template, or someone who simply to editting the template code and share back through his blog.

Here Dukuntekno want to explain about how to clean the code template that has been installed ads code. once upon a time when the beginning of blogging. I frequently change the blog template and find the template that has been installed multiple ad units, of course I do not want my blog as a source of profit by the other party, and I was looking for a way to remove the ad unit. Here's how I did:

Step Remove Ad Code In Template
1. First, you can open the template through mode "Edit HTML". by the way, Blogger & gt; Dashboard & gt; Template & gt; Edit HTML.

2. The opening HTML Template in The Edit Mode it will show all its template code.

3. Step three is to find the ads code, usually in the ads code there will be lines of code with the word of "Ads" or "ad". Search for the word "Ads" by using the search feature default browser by pressing CTRL + F, if your browser is Firefox, the column to fill in the word "Ads" appears in the lower left corner and if you are using Chrome Browser it will be appear in the upper right corner. Type "Ads" and than Enter.

4. Then see all the lines of code that contain the word "Ads". Eitss !! but after this do not delete the first line of code "Ads". We find out if the code is indeed the ad code or not.

5. To find out if the code is the code of the ads or not, usually composed of javascript code advertising, it has advertising ID consists with unique numbers. Forms code more or less is like below.

& Lt; script async src = "//"></script>
& Lt;! - Dukuntekno sidebar responsive - & gt;
& Lt; ins class = "adsbygoogle"
     style = "display: block"
     data-ad-client = "ca-pub-4794354245665322"
     data-ad-slot = "4754769498"
     data-ad-format = "auto" & gt; & lt; / ins & gt;
& Lt; script & gt;
(Adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []). Push ({});
& Lt; / script & gt;

6. Once you are sure the code is the code of advertising from other parties, remove it from the code & lt; script async up to code & lt; / script & gt ;.

7. Do not forget to look for other ads code that may still reside / installed in your blog template that made by other parties.

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