Laptop With A GPU Card

Can a laptop installed a graphics card? the answer is yes, but not at all. because the laptop becomes with a more minimalist shape than a computer, while some people also demands the ability and good gaming performance, therefore some laptops and graphics card vendors are trying to make the laptop device to capable of playing the latest games well and can upgradeable. This is good news for developers or anyone who likes to computer or laptop.

Shape of VGA Card on a laptop is different from the VGA Card that commonly encountered from Desktop PCs, Usually, the VGA Card on Laptop have thin shape and without fan heatsink to trim the size and also has a different slot, the slot on the laptop called MXM port. You can see the image from above for more details. Laptops with VGA Card slot usually has a slightly thicker size than the Laptops without VGA Card slot.

Connections Graphic Card On Laptop In addition Through Port MXM
Although similar to slot graphics card connected via MXM, but not all of the notebook can be connected with an external graphics card, this is because most of the interface does not have a PCIe architecture and unable to achieve the required bandwidth speeds. For example, some ports with low bandwidth ports such as USB 2.0, Firewire, SD card slot, etc. And the highest bandwidth of USB 3.0 can reach transfer speeds are high, but do not have a PCIe architecture. besides the graphics driver will also be necessary to be able to use external graphics card. Here are a few ports that can be fitted with the graphic card.

Connection via an ExpressCard slot is the most common. Supports bandwidth speeds up to 5 Gbits. Compared to USB 3.0, this standard has a PCIe x1 connections, thus allowing it to be linked to the graphics card.

Slot mPCIe rarely used to connect a graphics card. Because usually these ports are mostly used for WLAN or Bluetooth module as well. Unfortunately, this slot is located at the bottom of the notebook and the producers often do not perform soldering some important PCIe connection. Slot mPCIe have PCIe x1 connection and a USB 2.0 connection.

Thunderbolt was developed by Intel in collaboration with Apple. Recorded since the end of 2013, thunderbolt has a bandwidth of 20 Gbits speed with PCIe x4 connection. Thunderbolt is currently the fastest interface for connecting an external graphics card. Because of the complexity of the interface and because only a few adapters are offered, the price of a graphics adapter is very high.

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